Rolling Stock & Depot Equipment Engineer

I joined Egis in Riyadh in April 2018 as Depot Equipment Engineer at Riyadh Metro project.

Because of the project requirements I also cover duties of a Rolling Stock Engineer. In a past I have worked for both positions, therefore it is good to use my 14 years' professional experience and my experience in the project.

As Rolling Stock & Depot Equipment Engineer at Egis, my role covers the design review (drawings, specifications, management plan, technical reports, etc…), installation, testing and commissioning of the rolling stock & depot equipment systems.

The most important factors that brought me to Egis in the first place were the company's interest to the workers and their concerns as well as the training for the development of local engineers.

I am very happy to be a part of the Egis family. I hope to work for Egis on different projects for many years.