Head of Logistics, Communication Coordinator BU ME

I joined Egis in April 2013 as a Head of Logistics. This was at the time when Egis was awarded with large projects and my role was to develop the policies, procedures and the support organization.

The role evolved over the years, as the operation become stable albeit with many more projects and employees. Now I lead the operational and admin support but also help with one –off projects, such as merger with Projacs.

I have been also seconded to Saudi Arabia to open Egis Branch in Riyadh and to Bahrain to work on Bahrain Transport Model.

In June 2017 I was assigned to work on Business Unit Middle East as Communication Coordinator.

I believe that the communication is a vital and powerful tool. It provides information on our ongoing projects, markets and actions, and through this – more opportunities and relations. It builds a connection between employees, clients, existing and potential. It educates and challenges the ideas.

I am closely involved in Corporate Social Responsibility projects such as recycling, sustainability projects, helping local communities – making a change in short. This part of work is incredibly important to me and I am proud to be part of Egis family.

For me working for Egis means vast environment, constantly developing and getting the best from people. On daily basis I interact with colleagues from various projects and from all Middle Eastern countries.