Senior Claims Manager

I joined Egis on the Riyadh Metro Rail Project in October 2016 as Senior Claims Manager for Package 2 (Line 3).

The Riyadh Metro Rail Project is one of the largest metro rail projects presently under construction in the world and everyone working here has many challenges to overcome. Against a backdrop of a very tight timeframe, overcoming challenges has led the Line 3 design and construct contractor to make large claims for delay and disruption. Supported by a team of analysts and forensic planners, my role is to defend and assess those claims and to therefore ensure that our client has the best possible negotiation position when it comes to claims settlement.

I am an Australian construction engineer by profession and have worked mainly on infrastructure, energy and mining projects in Australia and SE Asia. This is my first assignment in the Middle East and I am enjoying the challenges that living and working in this region brings.

Egis leadership on this project provides excellent support and stewardship; I feel very much a valued member of the Egis family!