Warba Bank, established in 2010 in Kuwait is a leading bank offering services in compliance with Sharia principles.

Due to its rapid growth, the bank is in need of new headquarter building to cater for the expected 850 staff at the move-in date in 2024.

Projacs Kuwait has been awarded project management and design management services for the new Warba Bank headquarter, congratulations to the team!

For the first time Egis made it to Power 100 list by Construction Week. Christian Laugier, CEO of Business Unit Middle East, was listed among most influencial people in the region.

The listing, published in issue 91 of Construction Week in June 2019 states:

A 36-year veteran of French engineering group Egis, Christian Laugier has served as chief executive officer of the multi-service consultancy’s Middle East business unit for the past 12 years.
For the current fiscal year – covering the 12-month period ending 31 December, 2019 – the value of the company’s projected revenue stands at $150m, 75% of which has already been secured.
Dubai-based Laugier is overseeing 570 full-time qualified engineers this year – a 20-person increase on 2018’s corresponding figure.
The group’s training and development budget for 2019 stands at $150,000 – a $50,000 increase on last year. Leadership and management training for senior staff is cited as one of the key training initiatives on the company’s agenda this year.
In 2018, Egis generated 13% of its total revenue in the Middle East, according to the group’s website.

Nicolas Jachiet concluded his 3-days visit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It was a busy trip – not only he met with the teams based in Riyadh (Projacs team and Egis rail team working on Riyadh metro), but he also conducted series of meetings with top business leaders from major companies and governmental institutions.

He was accompanied by Remy Cunin, Thibaut De Ladoucette and Olivier Bouvart from French office, as well as the representatives of BU Middle East; together they created a fully comprehensive team for the assigned meetings.

Egis and Projacs are strongly involved in Riyadh and Saudi Arabia as a whole, having two more offices in Khobar and Jeddah. Their ongoing projects vary from buildings, aviation, rail (metro, trams etc) to urban planning, environment and water: Egis has been just awarded site supervision and contract management services for desalination plant.

Saudi Arabia is one of the most important markets for Egis, due to vast development and rich possibilities.

In line with Saudi Arabia’s 2030 Vision, the Kingdom has schedued executing a large number of water projects to ensure the future reliable provision of water supplies for the well-being and quality of life for all citizens.

The Client, Saudi Water Partnership Company, has launched several projects under a PPP scheme and among them Shuqaiq 3 desalination plant.

The plant, located on the Red Sea coast in the town of Shuqaiq, some 137 km north of Jizan, will use reverse osmosis (RO) membrane technology with the capacity to produce 450,000m³ of fresh water on a daily basis. It will also incorporate a solar photovoltaic facility to reduce its power consumption.

Shuqaiq – 3 is scheduled for completion in 2021.

Al – Dailh Hotel will serve guests coming for Hajj and Umrah, as well as other members of public looking for the accommodation in the area. It is located on King Fahad Road (60th Street), southwest of King Abdul Aziz Airport and close to the highway connecting Jeddah with Makkah.

The land area is 3,651 sqm and the total build up area will be approximately 30,540 sqm.

This 4 stars hotel will provide finely designed 156 rooms, 29 suites, 6 restaurants, 3 conference and banquet halls and 7 cafés, to cater to variety of guests’ preferences.

It will consists of three basement floors with the car parking spaces, ground floors with the grand lobby and 21 floors housing the hotel rooms, in addition to the loft extension.

“March: month of giving” – was the action organized to support local animal charities. All Egis and Projacs branches and offices   simultaneously collected pets’ food and donated to local registered charities. The best examples came from Jordan, Abu Dhabi in UAE, Khobar in KSA, Bahrain and Dubai. Thank you for your involvement!

Egis Group strongly promotes CSR actions (Corporate Social Responsibility) that make a positive impact on environment, society, but also animal care. “I am very happy to see such a great response from all my colleagues in the Middle East. It shows that together we share same values and culture.” – says Christian LAUGIER, CEO of Business Unit Middle East.

Before the year-end Egis is planning more actions, aiming at environment and society and allowing employees to make a positive change.

In 2011 Egis committed to the United Nations Global Compact, which encourages businesses worldwide to adopt a more socially responsible attitude. Members undertake to actively implement and promote simple principles in line with 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Every action, no matter how big or small, contributes to the achievement of bigger goals.

Katara, known also as Cultural Village is located north from West Bay in Doha. The complex consists of number of Arabian style buildings, housing the art organizations, museums and galleries, as well as many restaurants and coffee shops. It is a home to educational organizations, promoting local heritage and culture, through exhibitions, handcrafts and workshops. Newly opened planetarium will take the visitors on the journey through the cosmos.

The location along the beach allows Katara to display the traditional Dhaw boats and pearl diving village settings. Two large man – made green hills provide the numerous opportunities for sports with the green running tracks.

Projacs has been providing a variety of services to Katara Project over the years, supporting the development on its path to become the iconic location in Doha.

This award confirms the successful long-term relationship with the Client.

In March, Egis representatives: Olivier PETIT and Frank DANIEL from Dubai’s office visited in Seoul over 20 Korean companies specializing in smart cities solutions, urban planning, green and sustainable engineering, architecture, investment funds, as well as contractors.

The main purpose of the meetings was to identify and establish potential partnerships from engineering to finance for strategic projects in the Middle East region.

Egis has already partnered with Korean companies in projects from urban sector such as Dubai Master Plan and highly values the expertise which complements Egis’ know-how. As the market for cities planning and sustainable developments grows rapidly, the Clients are seeking more effective and innovative solutions.

“What is very impressive in Korea is the size of the urban projects completed in the past 40 years. Smart & green cities and sustainable projects have been practiced to perfection and provide great examples to be implemented worldwide” – said Frank DANIEL.

Congratulations to Egis for signing a Framework Contract for Engineering Services with Abu Dhabi Ports Company.

Abu Dhabi Ports Company owns, manages and operates 11 ports and terminals in the UAE and Guinea. The company plans further development in line with the economic plans and directives of Abu Dhabi Government’s 2030 Economic Vision.

The framework agreement grants the fast tracked use of professional services provided by Egis’ teams.

Institute of Banking Studies (IBS) professional education, training, research and consultancy services in financial sector in Kuwait. Their current facility became insufficient for the required tasks and the new one will spread the positive image of the organization.

The plot of land of 2,964 sqm located in Al Qibla in Kuwait City will allow the built up area of approx. 30,000 sqm with the following:

  • Institute of Banking Studies offices, service areas, halls, meeting rooms etc.
  • Parking Area with an approximate capacity of 200 spaces

The expected completion date is the end of 2023.