Oman Power and Water Procurement Company (OPWP) entered into a 20-year Water Purchase Agreement (WPA) in relation to the implementation of the Salalah Independent Water Project (IWP) with a consortium formed of ACWA Power, Veolia Middle East and Dhofar International Development & Investment Holding Company (DIDIC), the Project Company. 

The primary focus of Egis was to support OPWP during construction in ensuring that the Project Company fulfilled its obligations under the WPA by providing Supervisory Consultancy Services and HSE audits. This contract was signed in January 2019 and the works were finalized and handed over in March 2021.

The overall objective of the project is to supply drinkable water to the Dhofar Governorate to meet the increase in demand. The building of the Salalah IWP was implemented under a Build-Own-Operate framework and included a greenfield development and construction of a Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) plant with a total output capacity of 113,650 m3 per day of potable water in nominal conditions and 120,000 m3 per day during exigency periods.

OPWP, Egis and the Project Company were able to work in fluidity and high collaboration facing several challenges during the course of the project’s duration. Agility in adapting to the unforeseen events played a key role on the succes of completing the Salalah IWP project. All the Plant Acceptance Tests were successfully performed and concluded during the month of March 2021.

Egis is still involved with ongoing continuous support to OPWP for another IWP project located in Sharqiyah; this project is expected to be completed in July 2021.

Projacs International, a subsidiary of Egis, was appointed by NBK as the Project Management Consultant for their New Headquarters Project. The project began in 2013 and reached its completion stages in December 2019 and May 2021. 

NBK Headquarters Project is a 300-meter sculptured skyscraper in the heart of Kuwait City, in the financial district Sharq, and a true expression of Kuwaiti heritage and leap into the future.

Designers of the skyscraper, Foster & Partners in joint venture with Buro Happold, ensured that the project adapts to the region’s harsh climate and includes flexible and innovative engineering solutions. Projacs’ missions included pre-construction and construction phase management, as well as securing the LEED Gold Certification for the sustainability, design and eco-friendly nature of the building.

The Client, in their Letter of Appreciation, recognized Projacs’ prudent management and devoted professionals, in the view of project’s complexities, iconic seashell architecture, advanced engineering and technologies, sustainable features, claims and disputes resolutions, quality assurance and cost controls.

As every year, Egis in Qatar hosts an Internship program for the undergraduate students from Qatar University.

During the 6 weeks program, the students are delegated to the ongoing projects where they gain hands-on experience through working with the project teams and reporting on their progress.

This year, 3 female architecture students joined Egis projects in Qatar, each delegated to 3 different ongoing projects, based on their specific interests and plans: the Design and Quantity Surveying for TSE Seasonal Storage Lagoon, the Mixed Use Development at Airport Road and the New Kahramaa Tower at Lusail Area.  

“I am very happy to host the students from Qatar University and provide them with such a valuable experience for their future careers and ambitions. This year especially – we will provide educational support to the female students and through this, promote and empower women in the construction industry in the Middle East.” – says Thomas Bieche, Country Manager, Egis Qatar. 

During the last week of May, Alaa AbuSiam, CEO of Egis Middle East, visited Egis and Projacs offices in Jordan. It was his first meeting with the team due to travel restrictions during COVID19 pandemic, and thus warmly welcomed by the whole team.

The purpose of the trip was to explore the potential of partnerships with local clients and partners; to understand the needs of the market and to prepare the collaboration offer in line with Jordan’s economy and development strategies.

During the visit, Alaa AbuSiam met some of the most important clients of Egis in Jordan, and also completed site visits to key projects such as the Arab Mining Company HQ, Housing Bank HQ, ABC Bank HQ, and CMS Schools.

Jordan has a large development potential with the maturing economy and investors opportunities, also as a hub for future developments in markets such as Iraq and Syria. Egis, through its local entity Projacs, has a long standing presence in the country with many outstanding references in various domains. Egis, with its “Glocal” approach, experience and capabilities, is aiming to develop a preferred partner position in Jordan.

From the 24th to the 26th of May, Egis took part in the Airport Show Hybrid+ 2021 in Dubai. Last year the event was cancelled due to the global pandemic, thus exhibitors and visitors alike were eager to take part in a physical event.

The Airport Show gathered numerous organizations from the airport and aviation industry, including leading suppliers of airport technologies and innovations, airport management, engineering companies, immigration, passenger safety organizations and more, all showcasing top innovations in airport operations and aviation logistics.

Egis had multiple industry experts as well as business development managers on the stand hosting existing and potential clients.

Meanwhile Egis Middle East’s Regional Aviation Director and CCO, Jacques Khoriaty and Middle East Principal Aviation Consultant, Ivan Baruta were key panelists at the show’s sessions in the Global Airport Leaders Forum. The topics they took part in were Delivering a seamless kerb to destination experience to passengers within the Airport Passenger Experience and Driving efficiency through airspace design at the ATC Forum.

“The Airport Show delivers every year. It provides an outstanding platform for networking and showcasing new technologies” said Jacques Khoriaty. Egis CEO Alaa AbuSiam added: “As an industry leader, Egis continues to secure new engagements. I am confident that the aviation industry will provide many more opportunities in the coming months, especially for those solutions that are sustainable, flexible and low risk. Given our experience and expertise, we are well-placed to deliver”.

The great response to the show indicates that Dubai is leading the industry’s road to recovery. The team received many business enquiries throughout the three show days, participating in live and digital networking sessions.

Overall, the Airport Show was a great way to gather information about the latest technologies and services, as well as meet industry leaders and high-level policy makers from across the aviation industry.

Egis has recently signed a new contract with longtime client the Ministry of Public Works of Kuwait. The contract, signed in May 2021, in joint venture with SSH International, involves the supervision services for the construction, rehabilitation and Maintenance of Al Ghouse Road from 7th Ring Road till Fahaheel Ahmadi (RA 265), one of Kuwait's major collector road distributing local traffic and running parallel to roads 30 and 40.

 The project is set to start mid-June 2021 with a duration of 39 months.

Egis has been involved in two previous sections of this major project since 2012. The project  targets to make a complete free flow road starting from 5th RR until Fahaheel Ahmadi road.  This section RA265 includes the rehabilitation and widening of 11 km of Al Ghouse road, the construction of 9 intersections (3 Elevated) and 3 footbridges, creation of road services, and relocation of all existing utilities.

The Egis team has enabled its Client - Oman Water and Procurement Company (OPWP), to take part in a four-day training session at the end of March 2021. The training was conducted through Projacs Academy, an Egis subsidiary, that has been leading the training courses in the region since 1984, and providing physical & online courses in different domains such as: Project Management, Construction Management, leadership and soft skills and other numerous topics.

The topic of Risk Management was proposed by Egis and agreed on by the Client – relevant to the experience on the project and the “lessons learned”. The session was attended by OPWP’s employees and later extended on their social networks emphasizing the recognition of the importance of the continuous education on all professional topics.

Egis has two ongoing projects contracted by Oman Water and Procurement Company (OPWP) - Sharqiyah and Salalah Independent Water Plants (IWPs).

The overall objective of the Projects’ is to supply drinkable water to the relevant Governorates to meet the increase in demand.

OPWP entered into Water Purchase Agreements (WPAs) in relation to the implementation of each of the Salalah IWP and Sharqiyah IWP projects. The primary focus of Egis is to support OPWP in ensuring that the Project Companies for each of the IWP projects fulfill their obligations under their respective WPAs.

 On April the 8th, seven volunteers from Egis Dubai set out for a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) action into the desert to collect strewn litter: Omar Benzaria, Niroshan Fonseka, Christian Laugier, Karim Mikahil, Federico Minucci, Selma Naassani and Kasia Pearce.

In cooperation with the local stables, the team was able to ride horses into the desert for the cleanup. Although many were beginners or had never ridden a horse before, they decided to conquer their fears for a moral cause.

Along the way, the group was able to identify plants, trees, shrubs and animals native to the country and made sure to remove any litter disturbing the ecosystem or that could cause a danger to the animals inhabiting the area. Every participant filled large garbage bag with plastics, cartons, aluminum foil, micro-plastics and more – many were shocked to see how much rubbish was present in such a remote area.

The main goal was to raise awareness of the desert pollution and to show that desert plays an important role in the Middle Eastern ecosystem with indigenous fauna and flora.

All volunteers promised themselves to organize the regular clean ups and to ensure that protecting the environment became a habit.

In line with the Group’s long term plans to become carbon neutral in 2050, Egis Middle East has made a pledge to prohibit the use of diesel run vehicles across the region. This action confirms Egis growing engagement in the region’s sustainable development and environment protection.

Diesel contributes to heavy pollution: on-road nitrogen oxides emission levels of modern diesel cars are on average about seven times higher than the limit set by the Euro 6 emission standard, as independently researched by The International Council on Clean Transportation.[1] In 2012 The World Health Organisation declared diesel exhaust a carcinogenic, a cause of lung cancer in the same category as asbestos and mustard gas[2] and new studies show that almost half of all deaths by air pollution from transportation are caused by diesel emissions.[3]

“We must act now - Egis Group set an ambitious goal to be carbon neutral by 2050 and every step towards achieving this aim counts. We have been working on multiple environmental projects in the region and sustainability is at the heart of our operation.” – says Alaa Abusiam, CEO of Egis Middle East.

Diesel vehicle bans are planned on an accelerated scale by many countries. For example, the UK is planning to introduce a ban on the sale of petrol and diesel cars and has been bringing the date closer, from initially 2040 to now 2035 or even 2032.[4]

“In the Middle East the situation is a bit more complex, where some jurisdictions remain dependent on diesel vehicles. I am confident that this will be subject to change as environmental awareness and efforts to reduce carbon footprint by governments and private clients expands. I am happy that Egis and its employees are taking a stand and contributing to the positive change” – adds Alaa Abusiam.