A responsible company

Egis strives to lead the way in sustainable engineering. The company readily assumes its responsibility to communities for which it works, using its expertise and exerting its influence − as designer, specifier and operator − on the delivery of tens of billions of euros of works and on the operation of infrastructure and amenities used by millions of people all over the world.

At Egis we believe that every little step can lead to bigger change, therefore Egis Middle East enhance green initiatives and takes strong steps to encourage employees to go greener and implements Green solution.
Recycling paper and plastic is being part of the daily routine for our staff because.
Responsibility is good but active commitment is even better.

A creative company

Egis takes a proactive stance on innovation, helping it to meet socioeconomic, energy related and environmental challenges wherever the company operates. All of the creative talent of Egis’ engineers is brought into play to offer our clients tools that will assist them in their decision making and to provide effective operational solutions.

A people first company

Supporting the group’s strategy while fostering the personal development and fulfillment of each of its employees is the core concern of Egis’ human resources management. Egis is a dynamic company, focused on developing career paths and skills development.