Despite the pandemic, 2020 has been a successful year for Egis Group and specifically - Middle East

The Group’s turnover in 2020 reached €1.07 billion, despite the downturn recorded by many companies, caused by COVID19 global pademic. Middle East accounts for 13% of the Group's results, keeping its position as one of major earners for Egis. The figures represent the growth of the business offering, backed by the excellent synergies between the companies within Egis Group and local partners, that led to the awards of the iconic projects in the region. Two out of Group's 5 Top projects are located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, one of Egis Middle East high interest countries.

The most active domains in the regions were:

Group's headcount went up compared to 2019, accounting to 16,000 employees globally, of which 1,200 are located in the Middle East.