Technical Assistance of the Second Phase of the Euro-Arab Mashreq Gas Market Project (Eamgm II)

Syrian Arab Republic
Date: December 2010 – May 2012

Project overview

The overall objective of the project was to improve the security of energy supply in the region as well as in the EU by fostering the integration of the energy markets. 

The main purpose was to contribute to the regional integration of gas markets through the infrastructure development, harmonisation of technical standards, legislation and regulations as well as the transfer of know-how.

The results were:

  1. To complete infrastructure development planning
  2. To achieve progress in legislative and regulatory harmonisation in the energy sector amongst PCs and the EU
  3. To make progress towards the harmonisation of technical standards and specifications among PCs’ gas network and with that of the EU
  4. To make progress towards an efficient and sustainable management of the gas sector in the PCs
  5. To develop cooperation with other projects in the Mashreq and neighbouring region

Our missions

Egis carried out the following tasks:

  • A series of studies that provide an update of the Mashreq Gas Master Plan (strategic options, supply/ demand and markets, infrastructure connections and economics)
  • Comparison of options regarding gas supply from Iraq (and Iran) via Syria and/or Turkey to PCs and Europe
  • Comparison of options regarding development of Jordan’s gas sector and finding new gas supply to the AGP in Jordan via indigenous production and/or LNG import
  • Report on potential for additional gas supply from Egypt or from other sources.

The contract was terminated in May 2012 due to political unrest.