Project Management Services for Achieving LEED Gold Certification for NBK New Headquarter Project

Date: September 2013 - December 2018
Client: National Bank of Kuwait

Project overview

Through the design phase, National Bank of Kuwait was adamant on achieving the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) LEEDv3 Gold Certification.

Projacs International, who already had PMC Agreement for HQ building was selected to lead the process and facilitate the achievement of Certification goal.

The prominent targeted features included:

  • 40% energy usage reduction; utilizing combined Energy Conservation Measures attributed to High-performance envelope design, waste heat recovery, efficient LED lighting and controls, demand-controlled ventilation as well as efficient HVAC equipment selection
  • Project location and walkable access to various community services and public transportation
  • Open vegetated and pedestrian-oriented space representing around 60% of overall LEED project boundary
  • Heat Island Effect mitigation via various combined strategies such as 100% of parking covered, High-Albedo exterior materials & green roof
  • Indoor Water Use Reduction utilizing low flow fixtures as well as grey water reclaim for flushing
  • Water Efficient Landscaping utilizing high efficiency irrigation system with soil moisture sensing; combined with low-demand plant species
  • Fundamental & Enhanced Commissioning by 3rd party appointed specialist
  • Measurement & Verification by 3rd party appointed specialist
  • Storage, Collection & sorting of Recyclables
  • 30% by Cost is targeted as Recycled Content
  • 100% FSC Certified Wood products
  • 100% Low – Emitting Materials (finishing materials with reduced health impact)
  • 50-75% diversion rates from landfill for Construction & Demolition Non-hazardous Waste
  • Construction IAQ Management Plan (building flush-out)
  • Controllability of Systems (lighting and thermal comfort) to minimum 75% and 50% of regular building occupants.

Our missions

The services provided by Projacs team inclusive of but not limited to:

  1. Facilitate and organize design visioning charrette and target assessment workshops
  2. Organize Pre – Construction LEED Kick – Off Meeting
  3. Organize and facilitate Construction Kick-off and follow-up workshops.
  4. Review Progress of Credits (Design) Documentation
  5. Review Progress of Credits (Construction) Implementation
  6. Administer LEEDONLINE portal and manage team involvement on the same (LEED ADMINISTRATOR).
  7. Facilitate and supervise preparation of documentations for GBCI Design & Construction Review.
  8. Review with project team members Final Documents for GBCI Submission
  9. Submit to GBCI for Design & Construction Review and Conclude Certification Acquisition in cooperation with other team members.
  10. Act as NBK facilitator for other 3rd party appointed specialists; such as LEED Cx Agent, Energy Modeler.