Project Management Consultancy Services for Greater Cairo Metro, Line 3, Phase 3

Date: January 2017 - April 2025
Client: Ministry of Transport, National Authority for Tunnels

Project overview

The National Authority for Tunnels is proceeding with the construction of the Greater Cairo Metro Line 3 (Al Thawra Line) which will connect Imbaba in the west of the city with Cairo International Airport in the east, with total length of about 45.5 km and 34 stations.

Phase 1 has been inaugurated on Feb. 21st 2012 for the route from Attaba in central Cairo to Abbasia, a total distance of approximately 4.3 km. Passengers interchange facilities with the Greater Cairo Metro Line 2 (in operation) has been constructed at Attaba. Phase 2 extends from Abbasia eastwards to Haroun El Rashied street (in Heliopolis), for a total distance of about 7. 7 km.

Phase 3 is subdivided to three sub phases: 3A, 3B, 3C according to construction schedule.

  • Phase 3A will have the length of about 5.2 km and will consists of 5 underground stations,  starting from the end of Attaba station passing under 26 July Street to Gamal Abd El Naser station perpendicular on Line 1 station and connected to it, and going to Masbero station near the eastern bank of eastern branch of the Nile, then passing under the Nile to Zamalek island and turninng northwards to pass under Esmaeel Mohammed Street to reach Zamalek station and crossing under the small branch of the Nile to reach Kit Kat station under Kit-Kat Square, then the line will continue through the Diverting Structure then under the Sudan street to Sudan station and till the Exit shaft near the end of the Sudan street.
  • Phase 3B will have the length of about 6.3 km. It comprises four elevated stations, lmbaba, El Bohy, El Qawmia El Arabia and Ring Road station, in addition to the Workshop. It starts from the TBM shaft, and continues through a Cut & Cover section, making the transition between the tunnel and the viaduct that follows, to reach the 1st elevated station on this corridor (Imbaba station). After Imbaba station, the line crosses ENR tracks and continues along El Bohy street to reach El Bohy sation, then turns left to reach El Qawmia El Arabia and the Ring Road stations. After the Ring Road, the line runs at grade to allow a connection with the stabling area and the light repair workshop located on some agricultural land.
  • Phase 3C - the length of this phase is about 6.2 km and consists of five stations. Phase 3C comprises 3 underground stations, Tawfikia, Wadi El Nile and Gamet El Dowal , one at grade station - Boulak El Dakrour Station, and one elevated station, Cairo University Station. This phase starts from the Diverting Structure going to the second branch in the south direction to reach Wadi El Nile street and under Gamet El Dewal Al Arabia street passing Mostafa Mahmoud square and continues until it underpasses Sudan street and ENR tracks of Upper Egypt and the route will rise up at grade level to the west of ENR tracks and parallel to it above El Zomor canal to reach Cairo University station where it meets with Line 2 corresponding station

Our missions

Egis in JV with Systra, ACE and  EHAF  provide the professional consultancy services for the Project that include: Co-ordination, Management, and Construction Supervision Services, especially for the interfaces between the different Contracts, to ensure that the Works are completed on time, within cost, and meet required quality standards as required by the Organization for Greater Cairo Metro Line 3 – Phase 3 between Anaba and Kit Kat stations plus two branches respectively from Kit Kat to Road El Farag Corridor stations (with the line workshop) and from Kit Kat to Cairo University.

Description of the services provided within the assignment:

  1. To provide, as the Project's Engineer, coordination, management, design revision and construction supervision services including supervision of the manufacturing of the Rolling Stock, to ensure that the works are completed on time, within cost, and meet required quality standards.
  2. To prepare the operation plan, capacity development of the Organization of operation of the Project and to prepare the technical transfer program through education and training in operation & maintenance methods for the Metro system.
  3. To assist the Organization in approving the necessary documents for traffic diversions, diversion of Public Utilities, and coordination with the Egyptian National Railways (ENR) which may be required from the concerned Authorities.
  4. To control, monitor and manage the project risks.
  5. To plan, lead and manage the Experimental Working Period in corporation with the contractors and the operator.
  6. To provide technical assistance during the Guarantee Period.
  7. To Report on progress, costs and quality.