Pre-Construction Stage: Project Management Services Neima Residential Complexes I and II, Al Ain Region in Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates
Date: June 2008 - December 2009
Client: Urban Development Committee

Project overview

Neima Residential Complex comprises two residential development areas, namely Neima 1 and Neima 2. The total area of the Neima Residential Complex is approximately 310 ha. The project area is located 20 km from the sothern side of Al Ain city, on the way to Jabel Hafeet. The project is composed of the construction of residential units. The related infrastructure includes roads, parking, landscaping, storm water, sewerage system, electrical power supply, and potable water system and telephone lines.

Neima 1 is located along the Abu Dhabi Al Ain Truck Road on the left side, south of Twam Street and comprises an area of approximately 140 ha.The area was initially set up for the construction of 493 villas with different types of facade/elevation, with 4 kindergartens, 4 new mosques with complete infrastructure and all facilities usually associated with development of that size, i.e. green parks, shops,offices, schools, etc.

Neima 2 comprises an area of approximately 170 hectares. 460 parcels were allocated for the villas and 156 parcels allocated as plots, 4 kindergartens, 5 new mosques with complete infrastructure.  The design population of the two projects is approximately 5,000 persons.

Our missions

Egis provided the following services at the construction stage:

  • full project responsibility including management and coordination of all construction activities on-site, residential supervision services
  • comprehensive construction phase services for the project, cost proposals for different approaches to construction management, options for the owner to potentially mitigate management costs
  • participate in dispute resolution processes as needed
  • scheduled updates and identify immediate action items in a monthly update report
  • assist in program verification and facilitation of program changes or clarifications
  • control each aspect of the program, including monitoring and analyzing all reports and schedule documentation submitted by the contractors
  • coordinate all real estate transactions
  • review all architectural and engineering drawings and provide a peer review at the completion of the various design development phases
  • develop, implement, and administer a comprehensive quality control monitoring program for each project package
  • facilitate value engineering meetings as required
  • provide contract administration and management services for all related contracts held by the Agencies
  • review, recommend for approval, coordinate, and facilitate approval of all design consultant and contractor progress payments and change order payments
  • develop and implement comprehensive program cost control
  • coordinate and monitor the contract change and change order process
  • provide daily on-site construction observation
  • oversee final punch lists and inspections for all aspects of the program
  • monitor the compilation and preparation of all records and close out all documents
  • facilitate commissioning and testing.