Mediterranean Solar Plan – Elaboration of Programmes of Activities Within the Framework of the Clean Development Mechanism of The Kyoto Protocol

Morocco, Syria, Jordan, Tunisia, Algeria, Lebanon, Egypt

Date: April 2010 - December 2011
Client: ADETEF

Project overview

This project was part of the Mediterranean Solar Plan (MSP), one of the six major initiatives of the Union of the Mediterranean. Its general objective was to support MSP projects by means of carbon finance by implementing an innovative method of the Kyoto Protocol: the programmatic approach or Programmes of Activities (PoA). This method, in line with the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the Protocol, allows greater flexibility and profits of scale in the CDM projects’ validation process.

The specific objectives included the following:

  • analyse the content and conditions of use of the Programmes of Activities (PoA) and prepare a “Guide de l’approche programmatique” (Programmatic approach guide)
  • identify and select MSP-type projects in the countries involved, then support these projects in implementing the programmatic approach methods: position and role of each stakeholder, elaboration of the documents required for the submission of the PoAs, and monitoring of procedures.

Our missions

The following services have been carried out:

  • analyse reference texts with a view to finding an operational approach (decisions made during recent “meetings of the parties to the Kyoto Protocol”, preparatory texts for these meetings, and the comments expressed by the international experts who are an authority in this field)
  • analyse requests that have already been made within this framework to the CDM Executive Board and, for those that have received approval from the Board, highlight the conditions for their success
  • prepare, using the previous elements, a “generic” presentation framework, in other words, applicable to any type of “Programme of Activities – PoA”, summarising in the best way possible the requirements to be fulfilled in order to ensure its eligibility towards the CDM Executive Board.
  • in the countries involved, identify and select 2 projects or groups of projects likely to benefit from the support of carbon finance by allowing for the development of PoAs
  • set up, with all the stakeholders involved, of the organisation necessary to realise PoAs in Tunisia, on the subject of energgy efficiency
  • prepare a PoA complete record to submit to the UNFCCC, comprising a PoA Design Document, a generic CPA - DD and a specific CPA - DD for a national program of widespread diffusion and over several years efficient refrigerators.