King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Project for the Reconstruction of Makkah

Saudi Arabia
Date: September 2018 - June 2021
Client: Makkah Region Development Authority (MRDA)

Project overview

The project aim is to provide the comprehensive and integrated advisory services required to manage the King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz project for the reconstruction of Makkah through the establishment and management of the Project Management Office (PMO) at the Makkah Region Development Authority (MRDA).

MRDA was established in 2000 to carry out the development of Makkah by preparing the master plan for the Central Region, updating the master plan of Makkah and implementing the major development projects announced by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz.

The Authority prepares plans and consultancy studies, manages a number of executive projects and supervises them.

The project has been divided into two phases:

  1. Furnishing and establishing the Project Management Office from the date of signing the contract
  2. Managing the Project Management Office from the date of receipt of the site after processing.

Our missions

Projacs will work with the Authority through the established Project Management Office (PMO) with the following tasks:

1. The project aims to:

  • Improve and develop the performance of the management of all projects of the Authority and improve its outputs in line with the known standards of success of projects, most cost control, time and quality
  • Establish a clear system, methodology, framework and mechanisms for documented project management procedures at the Authority
  • Improve the management of financial and human resources and risks for the project and increase the effectiveness of communication and reporting
  • Improve decision-making by improving access mechanisms to reach information

2. Complete current project management:

The PMO supports the Authority to manage its current projects (as requested by the Authority) where it ensures the implementation of the main requirements for success of the project in accordance with the required specifications and the time specified period and the financial cost allocated.

3. Management of new projects:

At the beginning of any project, PMO will prepare the project's founding document, the project implementation plan and the organizational structure of the project, including the schedules, roles, responsibilities and tasks of the project team.

The PMO will also manage the new projects with the Authority in accordance with the knowledge areas adopted in project management, which include the following:

  • Risk management
  • Cost management
  • Time management programs
  • Communication Department and related entities
  • Quality management
  • Knowledge transfer in project management
  • Track the performance of the strategic plan