Institutional Modernisation and Capacity Building Project

Syrian Arab Republic
Date: June 2006 - June 2008
Client: State Planning Commission

Project overview

The Syrian Government has decided to determine and implement a modernisation policy to open up its economy while ensuring social balance. Government intervention involves strengthening national planning, transforming and modernising its main industries and its agricultural sector and supporting the development of the private sector for it to act as a driving force for Syria's economic development.

The project's main objective was to provide technical assistance to the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of the Economy and Trade in order to strengthen their capacity to think ahead, plan, model, manage change and introduce efficient work procedures to modernise the economy. Each of the two Ministries has set up a Change Management Unit (CMU) which worked with the State Planning Commission (SPC), a consultative council responsible for strategic planning and economic watch for Syria.

The project was organised around components designed for the departments and staff of the two ministries and coverd four main aspects:

  • training staff and senior executives from the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of the Economy and Trade
  • reorganising the beneficiary entities
  • changing the organisation and work procedures
  • enchancing human resources management.