Feasibility Study and Preliminary Design of Dedicated Public Transport System Lines in Amman

Date: March 2010 - January 2012
Client: Greater Amman Municipality

Project overview

Public transport provision in Amman does not reflect the demand. Only low percetnage of the population uses public transport (bus, minibus, shared taxis, etc.), partly due to the inefficiency of the public transport network. The objective of this study was to design dedicated public transport system modes.

During the study, the following activities were carried out:

  • definition and comparison of the various alternatives concerning alignments and technological choices. In total, these alternatives include three lines passing through the city centre, three alternatives have been analysed: bus rapid transit, tramway and underground metro
  • preliminary study of the selected alternative in terms of alignments, lanes, stations, systems and equipment
  • analysis of the project’s economic and financial profitability, as well as its environmental and social impact
  • project implementation strategy, including the preparation of the tender documents.

Our missions

Egis was responsible for handling the following aspects:

  • forecasting the demand using a modelling software program
  • defining and processing stated preference surveys
  • assessing the socio-economic profitability of the project
  • financial evaluation
  • assessing the economic and social impacts of the project.

The evaluation of the demand was conducted by means of the software program using a model established within the framework of the Greater Amman transport plan The model was then improved and adapted for the project’s specific requirements. A stated preference survey was carried out in order to analyse the determinants of the users’ choice of mode. The economic and financial analyses were performed in compliance with the Funding Institutions’ recommendations. The economic and social impacts of the project were also assessed.