Energy Production Plant - King Abdulaziz International Airport

Saudi Arabia
Date: February 2008 - December 2010
Client: General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA)

Project overview

Jeddah airport is currently in operation and it is presently handling, via Hajj Terminal, transportation of pilgrims coming from every corner of the world to Mecca located approximately 100 km away.

This ambitious project aimed at the airport expansion which is currently accommodating 14 mln passengers a year (PAX); it would gradually serve:

  • 30 mln PAX in 2018
  • 80 mln in 2035.

The project included the construction of 2,000,000 m² floor space airport buildings and facilities (including a 600,000 m² passenger terminal). In its final stage, the project incorporated 3,000,000 m² new space, planned for 2035.

Additionally, a business district project was also constructed at the airport exit. It includes the office buildings, shopping centers, schools and museum, all covering an area of 1,600,000 m². This business district is run by a different entity than the airport’s.

The power plants of Jeddah airport extensions are designed to feed new facilities and increase their power capacity from 14 million passengers to 30 mln in 2018 and possibly to 80 mln passengers in 2035.

Egis has ensured the engineering process design of:

  • Drinking water,
  • Chilled water,
  • MV electrical power.

Our missions

Egis services included:

  • Mapping of energy needs
  • Combined production of power and cold using turbine exhausts from absorption water chillers
  • Study of seawater cooling system
  • Study of grey water use as makeup water for chiller plants cooling system
  • Architecture of MV networks (loop feed, double feed, etc. depending on end-use)
  • MV electrical backup produced by genset
  • Site networks operation as grid (mesh) or star networks

Egis has also ensured the power plants design, with a floor area of 100,000 m² each, through 3D model using PDMS software.