Demand-Side Management and Energy Efficiency in Lighting

Date: November 2006 - May 2007
Client: French Development Agency

Project overview

The objective of the project focused on the assistance to Jordan in implementing a comprehensive program aiming at reducing the energy consumption and electricity load in residential and street lighting sectors. This initiative is related to the fact that Jordan is highly dependent on fossil fuels for the electricity production.  In order to reduce this dependency which has negative impacts on both national budget and environment, the Government of Jordan is willing to introduce energy efficiency measures in the main energy consumer sectors.

Lighting represents a significant share of the electricity usage and is highly growing up over the last decade.  As a response to this situation, the Government of Jordan – through the Electrical Regulation Authority (ERA) and the National Energy Research Centre (NERC) – promotes efficient lighting (compact fluorescent lights, electronic ballasts etc.) focussing on both residential lighting and street lighting.

Our missions

Agence Française de Développement (AFD) has contracted BCEOM (previous name of Egis) for the project identification with a main objective to design a program to disseminate energy efficient lighting equipment. The mission schedule has been carried out through two steps:

  1. A review the electricity sector background in Jordan, the energy efficiency policies and the lighting market situation, with a particular stress on the residential sector and the street lighting consumption;
  2. Design a pilot program to promote and disseminate efficient lighting, possibly in the Irbid region in close cooperation with IDECO, the local Electricity Distribution Company, and keeping in mind the conditions and modalities for replicating or extending the program to the country.