Consultancy Services for Feasibility Study for District Cooling System, Technical Studies for Smart Cities, Developing and Upgrading Building Specs and Zoning Codes and Preparing PAHW Planning and Design Manual

Date: April 2018 - June 2020
Client: Public Authority for Housing Welfare

Project overview

The State of Kuwait through the Public Authority for Housing and Welfare (PAHW) is implementing a project called South Al Mutlaa City which is anticipated to be a new vibrant urban development for an anticipated 400,000 inhabitant’s population.

As a first of its kind development in Kuwait, the project is covering 4 critical areas in the sector of green buildings and energy efficiency.

The project site is located approximately 40 km from Kuwait City. The total area is 102 sqkm with 90 sqkm of a clear developable area.

The new South Al Matlaa City will comprise of 30,000 homes, 116 schools, 156 mosques, 48 mini markets, 12 public health centers and 3 specialized clinics locates in Al Assimah, Al Mutlaa and Kuwait.

Our missions

  • Feasibility Study for the District Cooling system: a feasibility of District Cooling options available in the market at the moment, a comparison between individual A/C and actual district wide infrastructure and the costs and benefits associated
  • Smart city technical studies: the relevant Smart City concepts, processes and infrastructure requirements that will sustain the energy efficiency efforts and maximize the benefits of the proposed options
  • Development of building specifications and zoning codes: an update of the zoning and building codes aiming at guiding the industry through the new proposed concepts and quantify at a macro level the performance objectives (KPIs) of each component
  • Updating PAHW’s planning and design manual: and update of the design manuals in the form of one or several notes, guidelines and additional chapters that will complement and supersede if any the relevant chapters. The manuals will have to outline the new design practices and be a base for future expansions of the specifications
  • Initiate through its quality work a wave of innovation and taste for sustainability that will be followed by the industry leaders and the Authorities, and that will trigger a wider update of the constructions practices in Kuwait.