Projacs signed a contract for Project Management Office for Holy Makkah Municipality

Another project management contract for Projacs – the team in KSA will develop and operate the project management office for Holy Makkah Municipality.

Makkah Municipality (also spelled Mecca) is located in the Hejazi region, approximately 70 km inland from Jeddah.

Over the last years, the region grew rapidly due to increased numbers of Hajj pilgrims. The city and the municipality are subject to vast development in all areas – infrastructure, buildings, transport and others.

The number of ongoing and planned projects exceeds the current capacity of the Municipality; therefore, the decision was made to seek an advice from the external provider on establishing project management office within the structure of the Municipality.

The aim of the project is to ensure the independent operation of the office with the trained staff with the performance in line with the international standards, tools, techniques, and skills in project management.