First batch of trees planted as Green Riyadh Project progresses

Approximately 800 Accacia trees have been delivered and planted in Riyadh as part of Green Riyadh city forestation programme. The trees came from local nurseries in the Kingdom, however it is expected that the deliveries from abroad will follow, as 7.5 million of various types of trees will be needed in this unprecedented project.

The project targets to increase vegetation coverage in Riyadh from the current 1.5% to 9.1% in 2030, improving the quality of life for the residents by connecting them to nature and creating new ecosystems in the city.

The programme has a holistic approach – forestation project in the Middle East and the one of that scale requires a sophisticated watering systems, mobilization of the nurseries in Saudi and abroad that can deliver specific plants to survive harsh summers, logistics of the works and many other aspects, making this project one of a kind.