Egis wins Pre-contract Professional Consultancy Services for Design and Quantity Surveying for TSE Seasonal Storage Lagoon

To respond to the water shortage concern, a seasonal storage lagoon has been proposed next to Al Rakhiya Farms outside of Doha, with area of 7.3 million sqm to store approximately 20 million cubic meters of water, required to manage seasonal variations in demand and emergency cases.

The surplus RW in winter will be pumped from Doha South and Doha West Sewage Treatment Plants to the seasonal storage lagoon through D-Line and existing C-Line respectively. These existing transfer pipelines are currently used to transfer RW from STPs to farms and demand sites at Qatar southwest areas. During summer, stored RW in seasonal storage lagoon will be pumped back after treatment to farms and demand sites surrounding the lagoon or to be connected to the RW network to support in required demands in the city.

This project will be implemented through a Design and Build Contract.