Egis Saudi Engineering Consultancy (ESEC)

Egis opens local entity in Saudi Arabia

At the beginning of 2020 we celebrated the establishment of Egis Saudi Engineering Consultancy (ESEC).

With Christian Laugier as a Chairman and Ayad Habboush as General Manager, ESEC is already actively engaged in tenders within our all business domains. We are now in a good position to successfully offer the whole range of our services and we are confident we will continue to thrive in Saudi market, with many awards and achievement on national level.

Together with Projacs, ESEC can fulfill the most complex offerings. Projacs, involved in many PMCM projects, continues to secure prestigious awards, such as Makkah and Taif Municipality (SAR57mln and over 51 staff), Riyadh Amana (SAR90 mln with over 100 staff), all of which are challenging engagements due to Saudisation programs and training requirements.

KSA has undergone a fundamental transformation and continues to implement changes almost on daily basis, easing the business conduct, introducing iconic projects and relaxing business constraints. 

One of the milestones was the opening the country to tourism by allowing on-arrival tourist visa – this major change led to immediate improvement of tourism sector. Entertainment projects, refurbishment of historical sites, new cities, sport centers created major opportunities to be targeted.

Please contact Ayad Habboush at: to know more about the opportunities and ongoing projects.