Egis Middle East pledges not to use diesel run vehicles

In line with the Group’s long term plans to become carbon neutral in 2050, Egis Middle East has made a pledge to prohibit the use of diesel run vehicles across the region. This action confirms Egis growing engagement in the region’s sustainable development and environment protection.

Diesel contributes to heavy pollution: on-road nitrogen oxides emission levels of modern diesel cars are on average about seven times higher than the limit set by the Euro 6 emission standard, as independently researched by The International Council on Clean Transportation.[1] In 2012 The World Health Organisation declared diesel exhaust a carcinogenic, a cause of lung cancer in the same category as asbestos and mustard gas[2] and new studies show that almost half of all deaths by air pollution from transportation are caused by diesel emissions.[3]

“We must act now - Egis Group set an ambitious goal to be carbon neutral by 2050 and every step towards achieving this aim counts. We have been working on multiple environmental projects in the region and sustainability is at the heart of our operation.” – says Alaa Abusiam, CEO of Egis Middle East.

Diesel vehicle bans are planned on an accelerated scale by many countries. For example, the UK is planning to introduce a ban on the sale of petrol and diesel cars and has been bringing the date closer, from initially 2040 to now 2035 or even 2032.[4]

“In the Middle East the situation is a bit more complex, where some jurisdictions remain dependent on diesel vehicles. I am confident that this will be subject to change as environmental awareness and efforts to reduce carbon footprint by governments and private clients expands. I am happy that Egis and its employees are taking a stand and contributing to the positive change” – adds Alaa Abusiam.