Egis Dubai team rides horses into the desert to collect litter

 On April the 8th, seven volunteers from Egis Dubai set out for a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) action into the desert to collect strewn litter: Omar Benzaria, Niroshan Fonseka, Christian Laugier, Karim Mikahil, Federico Minucci, Selma Naassani and Kasia Pearce.

In cooperation with the local stables, the team was able to ride horses into the desert for the cleanup. Although many were beginners or had never ridden a horse before, they decided to conquer their fears for a moral cause.

Along the way, the group was able to identify plants, trees, shrubs and animals native to the country and made sure to remove any litter disturbing the ecosystem or that could cause a danger to the animals inhabiting the area. Every participant filled large garbage bag with plastics, cartons, aluminum foil, micro-plastics and more – many were shocked to see how much rubbish was present in such a remote area.

The main goal was to raise awareness of the desert pollution and to show that desert plays an important role in the Middle Eastern ecosystem with indigenous fauna and flora.

All volunteers promised themselves to organize the regular clean ups and to ensure that protecting the environment became a habit.