Egis in Dubai organizes the industry experts meeting for SciencesPo students

The students of SciencesPo, one of the most highly ranked universities in France, visited Dubai during the first week of September to meet the industry experts and collect the materials and data for their theses.

Egis, always keen on supporting educational initiatives especially for pupils and students, organized a physical meeting (in line with safety regulations), during which Egis Middle East’s Aviation Director, Thanos Deriziotis, and Middle East Domain Director for Hospitality and Tourism, Federico Minucci, presented the history and timeline and 2040 vision of Dubai’s infrastructure from its declaration of independence in 1971 to today; the growth of Egis with the region and country in particular; and finally the presence and contribution of Egis in the UAE, through the iconic projects such as: UAE Airspace Project, Sharjah International Airport, the Ministry Buildings for EREC, the Emaar Beachfront Beach Vista developments, the Waste to Energy Plant in Sharjah, Etihad Rail and Dubai Metro, Bluewaters Group Rapid Transit project, the framework services for Abu Dhabi Ports, the Zakum West Island Sea Water Treatment Plant, the Louvre Museum of Abu Dhabi.

The attendees – about 20 postgraduates, were particularly interested in the subject of “Governing the Large Metropolis”, as part of their specialization. Each year SciencesPo organizes a study trip to analyze the management of urban infrastructures and services, after which the students prepare and release a paper on the chosen topic.

The meeting was concluded with questions from the students regarding some technical details, and the UAE’s vision on sustainability and ‘Going’ Green’. The school extended their thanks for the opportunity to meet Egis’ top level professionals and share their experience from the Middle East region.