Egis and Massar to continue their work in Palestine on the Rural Development Project (RDP) – Phase 2 Area C, Jordan Valley

After the successful implementation of the first phase of the Rural Development Project, Egis and Massar were awarded the second phase of the project. Due to the current COVID-19 crisis and repeated escalations in Gaza and the West Bank, Palestine has suffered multiple economic losses which has impacted several communities throughout the country. Herein lies the objective of the project, which is to improve the livelihood, social and economic conditions and strengthen the resilience of 19 communities in rural Areas with emphasis on Area C. The contact was signed on 29 June 2021, for 3 and a half years, with the Ministry of Local Government (MoLG).

The project specifically targets i) strengthening the capacity of communities to identify and respond to their needs in a joint and participatory manner, ii) improving access to basic services for the rural communities, iii) improving opportunities for social and economic development, iv) enhancing the capacity of MoLG, and local institutions (Village Councils, VC and JSCs) to support communities in Area C. Three clusters will hold the main focus of RDP 2, which are Salfit, Al Jiftlik, and Tubas.

Egis offers a strategic approach to have a dynamic vision of the interactions between the actors, the institutions and their environment throughout the project. Gender mainstreaming, conflict sensitivity, the Do No Harm approach, and climate change will be at the heart of our intervention. In addition, our strategy will take into consideration master planning, territorial approach and sectoral planning integration. This strategy consists in taking ownership and sharing with the Project Management Unit and the project actors the tools and the process of the “Theory of Change”.

Egis and Massar will involve several collaborators and independent experts.