Alaa AbuSiam, CEO Middle East meets Egis team in Jordan and visits iconic projects

During the last week of May, Alaa AbuSiam, CEO of Egis Middle East, visited Egis and Projacs offices in Jordan. It was his first meeting with the team due to travel restrictions during COVID19 pandemic, and thus warmly welcomed by the whole team.

The purpose of the trip was to explore the potential of partnerships with local clients and partners; to understand the needs of the market and to prepare the collaboration offer in line with Jordan’s economy and development strategies.

During the visit, Alaa AbuSiam met some of the most important clients of Egis in Jordan, and also completed site visits to key projects such as the Arab Mining Company HQ, Housing Bank HQ, ABC Bank HQ, and CMS Schools.

Jordan has a large development potential with the maturing economy and investors opportunities, also as a hub for future developments in markets such as Iraq and Syria. Egis, through its local entity Projacs, has a long standing presence in the country with many outstanding references in various domains. Egis, with its “Glocal” approach, experience and capabilities, is aiming to develop a preferred partner position in Jordan.