Urban Development

Egis has at its disposal all the skills required for urban and regional planning: urban and landscape design, a comprehensive approach to mobility, systems, urban engineering, buildings, urban transport, next generation streets and roads, and much more.

Egis offers a global and sustainable vision of spatial planning as part of its services, from the preliminary study and consultancy phase to project management and operating services to users. 

City Vision by Egis - Promoting sustainable approach:

  • Mixed use neighborhoods and urban sprawl limitation

  • Well distributed amenities and central places as a backbone of the city urban structure

  • Infrastructure as urban connectors and no more barriers

  • Green structure and water sensitive planning

  • Low-carbon, bioclimatic and resilient focus

  • Alternatives to the car (pedestrian, cycles, other individual modes, public transport)

  • Compact city forms adapted to the local context

  • Pedestrian friendly urban places

  • Cultural sensitivity, reinforcing identity, character & heritage