Training and Development

Projacs offers public training programs, providing high quality, comprehensive and detailed training on a wide range of topics associated with construction, oil and gas, petrochemical, banking and finance, industrial and process, retail and leisure, management and property development industries.

Whether based in the private or public sector, well trained personnel play a significant role in ensuring their organization’s success and efficiency. By improving their skills and knowledge, they can keep today’s ever changing conditions and challenges.

Projacs engages top professionals within their respective fields of expertise to conduct the training that would achieve this goal. Specialized conferences are also organized by Projacs, where guest speakers from leading and prominent companies are invited to share their experiences and success stories, transfer the latest developments in the industry to participating professionals.

Our programs and conferences are considered innovative, up-to-date, and practical.

The trainers are considered ‘authorities’ in their field and practioners at the same time, with local and international experience.

Our range of training programs:

  • Leadership and Management Skills
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management           
  • Structures & Concrete
  • Mechanical and Electrical Systems
  • Design Management      
  • Value Engineering
  • Cost Estimating and Control          
  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Contract Administration
  • Claim Management and Dispute Resolution
  • Operation and Maintenance Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Finance & Banking          
  • Organizational Development   
  • ISO & Quality Management
  • Marketing & Sales Management
  • Purchasing & Logistics Management
  • Real Estate & Property Management          
  • Environmental & Security Issues
  • Oil & Gas