Road and Multimodal Transport

With new and upcoming technologies paralleled with growing transportation demands in the Middle East, the new generation of roads must be safer, sustainable, smarter and user friendly. Egis is leading the work in developing the new Generation of Roads to meet all our Client’s needs and challenges.

Egis is a creative company, taking a proactive stance on innovation and technological advances to fulfil its Clients' and Stakeholders' requirements.

Economically, the lower crude oil prices has meant the Middle East is looking into other funding models to meet its growing infrastructure demands. Implementation of Public Private and Partnerships (PPP) to fund these new Infrastructure Projects is one of the financial models being used.

Egis and its dedicated subsidiaries understand these changes in Clients' requirements, the financial modeling, design, value engineering, supervision, management and procurement challenges, and offer integrated solutions to our Clients from project development through to network operation.

Egis with more than 1bilion Euros turnover, is the global company that provides independent consultancy services, multidisciplinary engineering services and operational management to the transportation sector.