Imagine a sustainable future, working for the population and social progress…

In the Middle-East, today’s worldwide environmental challenge is still strengthened by natural resources constraints as well as by a rapid population growth and a strong development of infrastructure, industries and urban planning.

With a worldwide experience of 30 years in environmental engineering and consultancy, Egis is a committed and reliable partner to accompany the Middle-East in the development of its environmental practices and in the sustainable management of its projects for:

  • Territories and infrastructure
  • Cities & Planning
  • Water and Ports
  • Industry
  • Waste Management
  • Energy

Combining dedicated staff and technical resources, we provide to our customers a large and multidisciplinary range of environmental expertise:

  • Environmental engineering
  • Biodiversity and eco-engineering
  • Climate change
  • Sustainable development and eco-design
  • Urban requalification, reconversion, extension
  • Living environment
  • Acoustics, waves and vibrations
  • Air & odour pollution and Health risks
  • Landscape, architecture and heritage
  • Industrial risks and safety
  • EMC and Lightning protection
  • Waste management
  • Polluted and contaminated sites & soil management
  • Debris management
  • Hydrology et hydrogeology
  • Geomatics

From studies to operation, our missions are both specialized and global:

  • Consultancy, audits and environmental management
  • Due diligence, administrative clearance and permitting
  • Project design, supervision and monitoring of construction and operation