Sustainable Engineering in the Energy Sector


To respond to the new environmental and energy challenges of your projects, Egis has combined its know-how with the skills of experts from Energy and Waste sectors to perfectly meet your needs and expectations.
Our expertise and experience allow us to engineer and implement the tailored solutions to address your economical, technological and environmental challenges.


  • Consultancy - Expertise
  • Opportunity / Scoping / Baseline studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Owner’s engineer
  • Engineering & Design
  • Construction Management
  • EPC Engineering Management services including contracting & project control


Waste to Energy

  • Power generation (combined cycle)
  • Char, oil and gas by Pyro based process
  • Bio Gas by anaerobic digestion process
  • Alternate fuel for Cement plant (kiln operated)

Transient energy to green fuel

  • Solar/wind energy to supply H2 for mobility purpose
  • Solar farm to feed local power grid

Heat & Cold district

  • Production facilities & Network
  • Smart grid

Power substation

  • Step-up substations
  • Power grid interface

Compliance with Environmental standards

  • Dust, Noise, NOx, Water, Odors



  • Tailored support with our in-house expert network in close engineering fields: waste management, environmental, emissions, geotechnical, BIM (buildings), infrastructure (road, rails, port) etc.
  • An international group at the forefront of engineering and consultancy backed by French financial institution “Caisse Des Dépôts”, with an agile organization based on local branches in France and overseas
  • A proactive approach to Sustainable Development to manage the environmental, economic and social challenges of your projects
  • A culture of innovation with regard to tools, methods and technologies
  • Egis is involved in the “R20 Regions of Climate Action” - Waste Project Facilitator program